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How to Trace Cell Phone Numbers in Minutes to Find the Owner


Tracking and tracing cell phone numbers seems quite high tech and something the CIA and FBI might do. In reality though if you have a mystery cell phone number anyone has the capability to match that number to a person and discover their identity, where they live and many other facts. How to trace cell phone numbers is called a reverse cell phone lookup which can be run on a cell phone directory online in just minutes.

The process is quite simple, you simply enter the mystery phone number into a search field much like doing an online search on Google and the reverse cell phone directory then takes that number and finds a match in it’s database then returns the associated details of that cell phone number to you very quickly. This can also be done with land lines and home phone numbers but there is a difference in these two types of numbers as explained below

  • Home Phone Reverse Lookups – Home phone numbers are quite freely available which is why there are so many offline and online telephone directories as they are easy to produce with the information readily at hand. This is because they are a part of the public domain that means all people (In the USA and Canada at least) have access to these numbers and details.
  • Cell Phone Reverse Lookups – Cell phone numbers on the other hand are NOT a part of the public domain so there is no central database of cell phone numbers and owner details that can be used to create a directory. To trace cell phone numbers you need a complete database of peoples details and numbers though so to get this information some people have compiled listings of people and their cell phone numbers legally from buying other companies records of these things such as marketing and telemarketing firms.

So if you need to trace cell phone numbers and find the identity of a caller and you only have the cell phone number be it you are being prank called, you have found the number in suspicious circumstances or you just want more information before you call this person back click the link below and enter their number into the search box to retrieve their identity in a flash.

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Don’t recognize that number? Conduct a reverse telephone lookup!


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  1.   says:

    What will you think of this story idea?
    Also what demographics do you think will like this?

    Here is the plot in English.. the story will actually be written in Japanese and some Chinese.

    Yuko finds a cell phone in the street outside her home and pick it up. At home she open the phone to find the owner’s identity by ring a number of contact list. A man answer but he is a Chinese who seem to know who call him and just speak, but Yuko don’t understand and he don’t listen to what she say so. Then he hang up just before she want to hang up.

    Yuko phone another number of contact list, this time she find an old woman, Misaki, answer who say this phone belong to her granddaughter, Toshi. So Yuko and Misaki agree a meet to return the phone. But in the park after half hour Misaki don’t arrive so Yuko call her number and finds this time that Chinese man answer it too. He still talk to her in Chinese so Yuko close the phone immediately.

    But after a few minutes the phone ring back with the Chinese man’s number in the display. Yuko is scared to answer but she pick up but don’t talk. Another woman speak to her frantically in Japanese but it is not Misaki. The woman mistakes Yuko as her sister Kaida and tell her she is shot in an abandoned street and want her to call 110 (the police emergency number in Japan) because when she use her own phone to call it, a strange person answer and it is not the police. So Yuko call the police, it work and send them to the street to help the woman. Yuko is very afraid about this phone and just drop it in the park.

    The next day, the police arrive at her home and say they investigate the emergency call and trace the phone GPS to the park but when they arrive there they look around but see no phone. So they check the park surveillance cameras and see Yuko use the phone in that location and drop it there. Then the surveillance cameras have a skip in the feed and when the feed is come back it is hours later and the phone is just gone. Yuko explain her side of the story and the police are very intrigued.

    Yuko’s older brother, Yoshirou is scared and look very worried about her and make sure she stay home.

    However, at night the home is broken in by several people who kidnap Yuko while she is sleeping.

    The next day Yuko finds herself in a strange and locked room with no window. A young woman walks in and tells her she is Toshi and that her losing the cell phone was an error and when Yuko picked it up she created a mess and know too much.

    I have not write out the plot in detail for the next but the plot is supposed to be that this is all the work of a gang of criminals. They hacked the phone networks of both wireless and landlines and redirect calls with no trace so the numbers you call can redirct to another phone. I know, this is a little bit confusing but the entire logic and what exactly happen each time will be explained in the real story. I know there might be some plot hole now but can be examine and fix later when I work the entire story.

    Anyway here are the plans for the rest of the story. Yoshirou is part of this gang therefore when Toshi lost her phone in the street outside his home, so it’s not surprising why his sister Yoku pick it up. Toshi’s grandmother, Misaki doesn’t know anything and the reason why Misaki doesn’t show up in the park is because Toshi find her grandmother before it and Toshi want go to pick up the phone herself. But in this time, the rest of the gang don’t know she lose the phone yet until after the "Toshi" call the police then they realise something really wrong. They fail to redirect the call and let Yuko phone the police because it happen too quick and not expected. So they find the phone location and then they hack the park security camera and see what happen and shut off the camera and retrieve the phone. The Chinese man is just a messenger who is only supposed to relay messages and is told beforehand what to say. Apparently he didn’t get that there was a problem. What happen later supposed to be the gang plan a big smuggling to smuggle weapons from Japan to China in a private plane. Yuko finds that a member of the gang who is a Chinese man (not the same man from before) named Weilong who was having second thoughts about the gang and wanted out. He plans to setup the gang so when they arrive in China the police will find it easy to arrest the rest. He also falls in love with Yuko and together they plan it. Slowly the gang suspects something is amiss when they see that Yuko and Weilong are on good terms and wonder why Weilong is attached to a prisoner. They cover it by saying Yuko wanted in and though they are sceptical they slowly begin to accept her when she compiles with orders as expected doing other minor jobs and because Yoshirou says it’s ok. He seems to think his sister is ok because they have the same blood. Yuko finds out that her brother is mixed up in the gang when he appears on the plane when the goods are being smuggled. She freaks and doesn’t know whether sh

  2. Tss says:

    awesome man!!!!!!!!
    pity its not in english i cant read Japanese!!!!!!!!!!
    References :

  3. Apeksha Jain says:

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