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4 Ways to Protect yourself on a Free Dating Site


We have all heard some horror stories about online dating. People who pretend to be one gender and turn out to be the other. People who claim to look like a model but mean a plus size model. People who claim to run a home-based business but mean they collect unemployment. People who say they are single but mean they have a single spouse.

While these scenarios are annoying and frustrating, the real concern should be people who are a possible threat to your safety. Not all of the people you’ll encounter on a free dating site are good people. That means you need to proceed with caution. Below are some strategies that will help protect you.

Stay Anonymous

No matter how great that all night chat with a stranger you met through the free dating site is you shouldn’t give away too much information about yourself too quickly. Remember that’s the reason you’re using a screen name on the free dating site – you want some privacy. Don’t post any personal contact information about yourself in your profile, including your real name. If you don’t want to use your screen name, choose a nickname instead. Never give out your address or phone number either. In fact, you should consider opening a separate email account so your main account won’t end up being sold to spammers.

Go Slowly

Don’t rush into an in-person meeting with someone you don’t know. Instead, spend a number of weeks getting to know each other via the Internet. Then you may want to progress to some conversations over the telephone. Remember to always use your cell phone so the other person won’t be able to do a reverse lookup to find your location. Only after you’ve spent a long time getting to know each other through safer means should you arrange to meet in person. Most of the bad people won’t stick around that long and will move on to greener opportunities, plus you’ll have the chance to really get to know the other person.

Check Your Site

In addition to using a free dating site, you may also be sending other members to your personal site in order to learn more about you or to check out more photographs. While there’s nothing wrong with that idea, you do want to review the content of your site to ensure that none of your personal and private information is revealed on the site.

If you have some parts of your site that do reveal a little too much, consider adding password protection to those parts and giving the password only to your closest friends.

Be Rational Not Emotional

Although you’re looking for love (or, at least, companionship) on a free dating site, you don’t want to let your heart distract you from what your mind knows is the right thing to do. Remember to always use common sense. Worry less about seeming rude and more about protecting yourself. Otherwise, you could end up becoming the subject of one of those online dating horror stories.

Ingrid Margaret

Don’t recognize that number? Conduct a reverse telephone lookup!


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